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Hello everyone! We are spotlighting another amazing female author. Today’s posts are an author interview with the amazing author, Amanda ICe. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the spotlight!

About the Author:

Amanda Ice is a fiction writer and poet residing in Southern California. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing. She has had poetry featured in RipRap and Sonder Midwest, and a short story published by Gold Man Review.

What and when start your love for writing?

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I was an avid reader and told all my teachers I wanted to be an author. Of course, language arts was always my favorite subject. 

Of all of the book genres, what drew you to write about yours?

My writing isn’t very genre-heavy, but it would fall into the broad category of realistic fiction. As a child I read a lot of mystery books, as a preteen I read some fantasy and dystopian novels, but the time I was an adult I almost exclusively read realistic fiction. Those novels are what gripped me the most as a reader. There are so many possibilities in our own world and everyday life that I personally don’t have a desire to explore beyond that. For now, anyway.

Aside from the vast genre of realistic fiction, I’ve found myself drawn toward short stories. This is due to short story workshops I attended and fell in love with in college. It’s a special craft to hone in on a snippet of a character’s life and make it into something impactful.

How has your background and culture shaped your writing and how you write?

As for my background, I grew up going to church, and still do. A lot of my writing so far isn’t particularly Christian— a lot of it can be considered pretty dark— but my beliefs still shape it. For example, I wrote a poem once using demonic/evil imagery to portray a bad relationship.

I use those devices because they’re real to me, I do believe in the evil that that attempts to harm us and lead us way from the Truth. Lately I’ve been trying to focus more on the other side of that, of the salvation I believe God has offered to us through his son Jesus Christ, and the new creations we become thereafter. I’m not one to directly preach in my creative writing, but the gospel has become the framework by which I transcribe the poetry and stories that come to my imagination.

If you could meet your favorite author, who would it be and why? 

I would say Chuck Palahniuk. Even though I went to college for creative writing, I found myself in a rut where I hadn’t read a book for fun a long time, probably a couple years. When I did read, it was books and stories that were assigned to me, and it wasn’t the same as when I was young and genuinely loved reading for the sake of reading.

I ended up reading Fight Club just for fun, and it was the first book in years I couldn’t put down. It was the kind of experience where I couldn’t wait to finish eating dinner just so I could go back to my room and read some more. I would love to thank Palahniuk for giving me that spark again. It made me realize the kind of stories I want to write. What really makes it hit close to home, is that the novel started from a short story. 

What book do you think everyone should read from the genre you write?

I’ll suggest a short story, since that’s I mostly write these days. I would say A Hunger Artist, by Franz Kafka. It might be ironic that I suggest Kafka after going on about “realistic” fiction, but this story in particular will always hold a place in my heart. It was one of the first short stories I read in college that stirred me. 

What makes your book(s) special?

I don’t know how unique it makes me, but I’m not very fond of “relatable” characters. I don’t like likeable characters. I actually go out of my way to make my characters unlikeable. I don’t think people are good on the inside, I think we’re all born as selfish sinners, so I don’t shy away from that in my writing.

So… what are you working on now?

My dream has always been to have a novel published. I’ve got a couple chapters going and one of my big goals is to finish it. In high school I wrote almost twenty chapters of a story I had in my mind at the time, but now I’m working on something new and it’s a lot harder as an adult. Wish me luck!

It was great to meet you Amanda and learn about your writing journey. You can connect with Amanda on the following social media platforms:

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Live. Love. Laugh.

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