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 Sister of Wales

Book Description:

The same day a village man is attacked, Yarrow Pickering, herbal woman and proprietor of the Lanthorne Ordinary, finds a peculiar object washed ashore and takes it home. The arrival of such a curious item heralds a string of events that seem unrelated at first.

A powerful Guild of skilled women, family secrets, and a foolhardy theft combine in this suspenseful tale of deception, greed, and the awakening of ancient legends to formally introduce Yarrow to the world of her ancestors. It’s a world beyond her expectations.


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Kindle $6.99, Paperback $12.99

Book Series / Number:

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Book Two of The Lanthorne Ordinary Series


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Paranormal Fiction

Book snippet:

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Running until she spotted the edge of the cliff, Einyn knelt on the scrubby vegetation and, with trembling fingers, unlaced her bodice. She reached inside her shift and removed the object. Ripping her shawl from her shoulders, she wrapped it as tightly as she could around the precious relic and tied one knot, then another on the opposite side, trying to secure the bundle as much as possible in the meager seconds that remained. This would have to do.

As she stood, she turned back to face a dozen stern-faced men come to a skidding stop at the command of the man in the center front who was clearly in charge. The torches held by the company illuminated their rough, unshaven features. To her weary eyes, the shadows cast by the wildly flickering torchlight were demonic, their bent and bony arms reached toward her. She swallowed and tried her best not to show fear.

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To all available formats on books2read.com/SisterofWales

About the Author:

Author Cynthia Raleigh
Author Cynthia Raleigh

Cynthia Raleigh, a Registered Nurse for over 25 years, writes paranormal historical fiction, genealogical mystery, and true crime. The Lanthorne Ordinary Witches, set in Colonial Connecticut is fueled by her lifelong fascination with the spooky, creepy, and eerie, especially the history of witchcraft and its effect on women in the early Colonies. The Perri Seamore series, inspired by a wealth of family history stories, are modern day mysteries. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and serves as her Chapter’s Librarian. Cynthia also writes nonfiction true crime that took place in the U.S. Midwest.

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