Series Introduction:

The Gods’ Scion series is a fantasy world set in modern times and dealing with modern-day problems. The series focuses on the life journey of the main character, Prince Rodrick Purcill, and how he deals with the consequences of the horrors of the world he was born into.

The series shows how different characters and points of view deal with the same problems and issues presented within the story. There are stories of broken family ties, horrors of the past coming back to destroy the present, tales of family secrets and mysteries that may play one country’s faith in an impending civil war, and much more!

Why should you read The Gods’ Scion series?

  • It focuses on books and stories where there lacks variety in terms of science fiction that truly sympathizes with its characters.
  • It has a distinct style, combining fantasy and science fiction with real-life scenarios in a modern context providing a relatable topic for this young audience.
  • The series brings the discussion around important subjects like mental health, relationships, etc.
  • Books with Gods as characters.
  • Written by a young black female author :).

The Gods’ Scion Series’ Books:

Book One: Child of Tempus

Book Two: Descendants of Time and Death

Book Three: The Lone Star Child

Book Four: The Sisterhood of Secrets 

FAQ about Gods’ Scion Series

How long is the book series?

The book series will have a total of six books.

Is there a magic system in the book series?

Yes, there is!

Where can I buy the books?

The books are available through purchase here on the site, Amazon, and Barnes and Nobel. There are many other distributors, listed on this page here.