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The Lone Star Child is the third book in The Gods’ Scion series. It completes the first half of the book series and its trilogy. A thrilling tale about loneliness and revenge set against the backdrop of the stars and space. This book contains more sci-fi and mystery elements than any other book Winnifred Tataw has written.

Book Summary:

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A thrilling tale about loneliness and revenge set in the backdrop of the stars and space. 

Ophiuchus was cursed to imprisonment in space for wanting to share their gifts with the world. For millennia, they have been alone and forgotten. But Caro, the Space Acolyte, is their new chance at freedom. They’ve had a long time to think about what they’ll do once they’re freed.

Which, with Caro’s help, will soon become a reality. Finally, they will be able to crush all those who ever forsake them in the past. But this time around, it will be different. This time they won’t show any mercy. Every person that ever abandoned them will feel their wrath. The Gods called them a monster. Well now, they’ve got one.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Winnie Tataw is simply brilliant. In this mythological space fantasy her characters not only are extremely engaging but also very relatable. There’s star-hopping, fantasy, and many other super powers. The added mix of family drama was the perfect blend of exciting spectacle that kept her story interesting. Winnie’s story does not disappoint. It is rather captivating, fast moving and thrilling. Tataw shined with exceptional story telling, unbelievable action scenes and intelligent dialogue.

Fantasy is not my usually preferred genre of reading but the Lone Star Child was way more than that. It is compelling, riveting and Winnie Tataw has just done seemingly the impossible; she’s made a hard core classic literature lover hop genres to that of Fantasy. I absolutely loved her work and highly recommend this story to anyone needing a break from your usual reading. Well worth the trip.

Chyrel J. Jackson

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