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I finally decided to post an event calendar for 2022! These events celebrate books, writers, and authors of those holidays and observances. This will be easier for me, other authors and writers, and my viewers/followers to sign up and share. Please read through each question carefully. All of my services as of now are FREE. Feel free to email me ( for any questions.

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A spotlight or interview is an opportunity to learn more about you and your books. Your readers can learn about everything you’ve published in one place.

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Author Spotlights

Author Spotlights are for any author of any genre. I interviewed the featured author with a list of questions I’ve curated. I do not include reviews in any of my spotlights.

Book Spotlights

Book Spotlights are for any genre author to promote one (or soon-to-be) published book. I do prioritize new book releases or book sale events. That said, I can include one review of the book you sent to me if requested. An author can do multiple book spotlights with me, but only one per month.

Character Interview

This is where you can introduce a character for your and my readers to learn about. I ask your (fictional) character list of curated questions, and they share answers with me.

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