Hello! If you are here then I suspect you are an author wanting to do an Author Spotlight on my blog!

Who are Author Spotlights for?

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Author Spotlights are for any author of any genre. Note: I DO NOT REVIEW ANY WRITTEN WORK, BOOKS, ETC. ON MY BLOG. I am an author who blogs about books, not a book blogger (yes there is a difference). With that being said, I do not include reviews in any of my spotlights. I interview an author with a shortlist of questions I’ve created discussing their writing journey, writing loves (or pet peeves), and of course their books!

Booking an Author Spotlight:

After you fill out the form below, I will contact you through email to send you a list of available dates for you to pick from. This is also how I will send you the interview questions for the spotlight. In the future, I may do “character interviews”, but for now, I’m only doing authors 🙂 .

What the Author Spotlight entail:

  • A mini author bio
  • A set of interview questions, no more than 6
  • Added social media links and backlinks within your post
  • 1-3 Author photos of your choice (book covers, headshots, etc.)

You can check out one of my Author Spotlight posts to see how the setup will be here.

Payment and rescheduling:

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This is a FREE service I provide to highlight other authors and their work. If you schedule a spotlight with me, you have until the day before your spotlight at 8:00pm (EST) to provide me with all the materials I need. If not, I will place your spotlight on hold and email you about rescheduling. After two reschedules, I delete your spotlight post-:-/.

Well, that’s all I have to say! You can fill out the form below if you are wanting to do an Author Spotlight post. I can’t wait to connect with you!

If your bio goes over the limit by a couple of words, just add to the end: *extension needed*
If you don't have one put N/A

If you are wanting to do a blog swap or a guest post instead, please click here.