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Hey there! Welcome to another Win’s Books post. As the title states, this is another post from the Meet the Characters series. This is where I introduce different aspects or characters from my books. So let’s get to know book one’s main title, God, Tempus.

Who is the God of Time?

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In the Gods’ Scion series, the God of Time is called Tempus. They are the second oldest God out of the four Gods. They are usually perceived they their Earth children as female, but like the other Gods, they are genderless. Through Tempus does use she and her pronouns.

What does Tempus do?

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Well, anything that deals with time is in her forte. Here’s a list of “duties” and sectors of life she rules over:

  • Time Travel 
  • The Four Seasons
  • Physics of Time
  • Sleep
  • Dreams
  • Aging (though this is a combined aspect with the God of Life)
  • Memory

…and much more! But the list of all Tempus can do would take forever. They are the god of all time prospects, all the ones known and unknown to man.

Where to find Tempus in the books!

I’m glad you asked! You can learn all about Tempus and her time with children in my first fantasy book, Child of Tempus. But don’t worry, Tempus is name-dropped in every book of the Gods’ Scion series. I always have fun writing all of my book characters, but Tempus may have to be my favorite god the write, only because I’ve spent the most time with her. I also design and draw Tempus from time to time. I’ve never posted any of my concept designs, and I don’t plan to for now. Maybe you might be able to convince me in the future. 😉

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