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Hello! I saw this question floating around on the webs and some of my social feeds: Where can I find young authors willing to help new authors? And it piqued my interest since I am a young author and could be considered “new” (since I’ve been publishing books for officially three years now). I thought I could have some ways I have been able to connect with younger authors as a new and unknowing author myself.

New vs. Young Author

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So the question stated is clear, but some people may still get confused. A new author is not always a young author. Some in their 40s and 60s can be categorized as new authors. Yet we wouldn’t say these are young people or adults. I want to make the distinction clear because their difference is needed. With that being said it doesn’t mean older writers and authors can’t use this advice, it is just mainly geared toward a younger audience.

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Social Media need to become your new best friend

Now most of us are on social media already so it shouldn’t be hard to make a new account for our books and writing. Oh, and before I continue I want to let you know, this is not a marketing post. This is for connections and finding your tribe of author buds. As well as letting it be known that not all authors you meet must be in your age group. But for a lot of people (our age), it’s hard to make friends if we’re not in school, at work, etc. And I know more of us are online and also getting back into reading.

Facebook Groups

I know people my age isn’t on FB as much as other age groups. But I recommend making an account and joining some FB groups. You can search over 620 million groups. There is a Facebook for literally everything and everyone. I find them easy to join to ask questions you may have of the publishing or writing process and connect with others. Facebook groups are great for people wanting to share their thoughts and ideas while getting feedback and commentary. Along with making great bonding with those in the author community services sectors.


Twitter was originally where I started when it came to my writing and publishing journey. The #authorcommiunty on Twitter is so kind, warm, and helpful. you can always find someone asking the same questions you asking, or trying to answer and give advice to a question you may have posted. Overall, I believe Twitter is the best when to comes to looking for book and author advice, tips, and information.



Instagram is another way to find authors to connect with. You can post questions on fun graphics or in you caption to gain both views and followers. I’d work on your hashtags as well to make sure the right people are viewing your work. I Instagram, in my opinion, has the most inflex of young writers and authors. Many that would be happy and willing to help out another upcoming author as well. Instagram is also a great place to find free and paid writing and author workshops for young author to join and research about.

Book Clubs

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I know it sounds a bit off. Why would an author need to join a book club? Well to my knowledge many authors are also vivid readers. I know for my generation is hard to find reader alike in person, so doing it digitally may work better in your favor.

Along with that you can use book clubs as research to what’s popular in the genre(s) you currently write in. And speaking directly to the customers of your gerne can lead to so many possibilities. Most book clubs I join are from Facebook, but there are tons of sites and website catalogs to search through to find you niche group. And with there being an estimated more than 5 million book club members in the U.S.–many clubs with more than 10 members, and most of them comprising only women (source)–you are sure to find some really great ones in or out of your area.

I hope this article helps you find authors willing to help you out on your writing journey! Thanks for stopping by and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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