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Hello everyone! Welcome to another Book Spotlight on Win’s Books! And I’m trying a new format for book spotlights. Let me know what you think in the comments. So, without further ado let’s get on with the Book Spotlight!

Book Title:
Paint Me Some Love

Paint Me Some Love book and book cover

Book Blurb:

Paint Me Some Love paperback copy

People say a picture can paint a thousand words yet a painting still caused her thousands of tears until she met him.

Love is often associated with romance yet the strongest love prevails that.

Laurence Summers, better known as Lauren, thought all the money in the world could buy her the love of others as she blamed her father for naming her Laurence. This is something that she believed made her a social outcast, a fool and bullied wherever she went. But money fixed that for her or so she thought.

Stephan Larr, not accepted by his family, believed that he needed a change in identity for those around him to love him. Both Lauren and Stephan didn’t fully understand the idea of love and still don’t.

They didn’t understand that you need some sort of love in life to be fulfilled until a wizard brought them to a painted world.

A painted world in which they were both separated in empty canvases until four words brought them together in mesmerizing canvases full of beauty and creativity.

Join Lauren and Stephan on a journey of self-discovery and love, just not the love you may envision.

Book Genre:

person colorful face paint

 Young Adult and fantasy 

Book Price:

person colorful face paint

 $9.00 US Amazon paperback, $2.99 US Amazon ebook and free through Kindle Unlimited 

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Snippet from book:

multicolored abstract painting

Chapter 2: Two Weeks Lost:

I looked around to see a variety of trees, birch, maple, pine and evergreen.  It didn’t look as if they were painted though, it resembled a real-life forest.  I could even feel the breeze of the wind in the bright blue, perfect sky. Stephan Larr, such a nice name, I thought.  It must belong to a gorgeous man. 

People say looks aren’t everything, but it’s how you first see the person until you get to know them as more than just a pretty face. 

Due to this theory, it’s quite important to me that the guy looks handsome and approachable, but not so handsome that I’m a nervous wreck in front of him. As I began to walk closer to the pond, I could slowly make out a tall figure swimming in the pond. 

He must have seen me from the distance, for he ran behind a tree to hide. I quickly removed my heels which I carried and sprinted to catch up to him because I was not not sure if he planned to just just take off.  He must be shy, I thought. 

If he was shy enough to hide from me behind a tree, what was stopping him from running into another painting? By the time I made it to the tree, I had to catch my breath.  I ran for nothing. 

The man didn’t run like I predicted, he stayed hidden behind the tree until he revealed himself as soon as he heard my heavy breaths. He revealed himself; his short, wavy, caramel coloured hair, his beautiful light almond skin and his calming gingerbread brown eyes which allowed me to catch my breath sooner. 

Seth was correct, there was something different about his hair and eyes.  You could visually see brush strokes in his caramel hair and you could see a reflection of the glimmering, blue pond painted in his eyes.  When he looked at me, the reflection of the pond was still there as it looked as if his eyes were painted. He was wearing a button-up, short sleeve, light jean coloured shirt. 

His shorts were a chestnut brown and like myself, he was barefoot.  I pictured his smile to be sweet and friendly as everything else about him was perfect, but he didn’t smile, he frowned at me.  

Was I not pretty enough? 

Did he not believe in romantic love? Those were some of the thoughts going through my mind until he said, “You’re a girl!” I couldn’t help myself; I broke the distance between us and kissed him.  Not just some pathetic peck on the lips, I didn’t hold back at all.  I kissed him deeply and with passion. 

Nobody besides my own mother has ever called me a girl before unless you count my fake popular friends who said, “Hey girl!” but they said that to everyone. 

To hear the word girl come out of a man’s mouth was miraculous.  He was a man I was already physically attracted to, a man that I could already see our relationship being more than just physical as I could picture us loving and caring for one another. 

I could picture us doing almost anything for one another, maybe love for someone other than yourself or your mom is what you need in life.  However, that thought slowly vanished as he abruptly pulled away from me in the middle of our kiss.

“What are you doing?” he asked, sounding confused and aggravated.

“You called me a girl, I just thought Seth told you about my past and how nobody’s ever seen me as someone who was physically born a girl before because of my name,” I explained honestly.

“You’re Laurence?” Stephan said, sounding a little disappointed. “Yeah, but I go by Lauren.  What’s wrong? 

I know being stuck in an empty canvas isn’t ideal but we have a month to fall in love which shouldn’t be too difficult on the physical spectrum, it will just be getting to know and love each other that will take more time and effort. 

Then we can leave this painting once we fall in love and start a life of our own together outside of the painting, in the actual world,” I replied oblivious to actuality.

“There’s a problem with that little speech of yours!” Stephan stated.

“I don’t see a problem, but I’ll hear you out,” I responded.

 Stephan rolled up his left sleeve, so his shoulder would be exposed, revealing a tattoo that had a rainbow on it, above the rainbow it said, “Love is love,” in dark, bold letters.


About the Author:

Julia Vellucci
Julia Vellucci

Julia Vellucci is an 18-year-old girl, born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, with six books as well as an anthology published and a passion for the written craft. She is Italian by origin.
She has never been good at visual art but her mom and younger sister both of whom she admires are definitely her creative endeavours as she was inspired by them to find a way to express her creative side, through writing.
She discovered her love for creative writing over two years ago when she first began to bring fictional characters to life through the written craft thanks to a school book club she was part of and couldn’t help but wanted to discover what made her characters unique and carry out their story until the very end.
Julia’s dream is to be able to inspire readers through her words as she believes words can project more than actions ever could. Readers can visit her website at and find her on Instagram under @juliavellucciauthor 

Thank you all for reading and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.


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