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Hello, everyone, it has been a while. I have been away from blogging regularly for over a month now. But I am back, and I have so much to discuss! Since starting college again, I’ve been noticing that I have been falling more and more out of love with my first book. And I know why; everything was rushed. From the book cover design to editing, to marketing. Everything was basically put on a month-long calendar. And it showed. But after talking to other people in the book writer/editing community, I have found out what I needed to do forward for my book: a relaunch. Yes, I am relaunching my first book. 

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This time around it will be different. I am taking my time, organizing my schedule, planning, and staying focused. I have major and exciting changes the will be happening to Child of Tempus that I want to share with you all.


To start off I am not merely correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. I have added content—and removed excess!. They were changes were warrant for a relaunch. Still the mainly story and plot is the same. Only minor edits have been made.

Book cover

The original cover doesn’t adequately express the story or meet the genre expectations. The new cover fits the story and theme of the book a lot better. You can check it out on my twitter.


I (possibly) will be going on a virtual book tour in 2020 for my books. I will be participating in book giveaways and contests. There may be a book trailer in the works…maybe. I have considered including “bonus” material such (as a sample chapter) from the upcoming novel, which I will talk about now! 

Book two!

Now will be writing and blogging more about my endeavors on book two. Everything from the name to the book summary. So stay tuned!

Now that was a lot. I am so excited for the new year! know the it is going to be a good one. I hope that my books do well to reach eager readers. Thank you all again for the continuous support! 

And remember:

Live. Laugh. Love.

December 2023

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