Hello everyone! Welcome to another Author Spotlight! These spotlights are for showcasing author’s (predominantly women and people of color) writing talents and published works. So without further ado let’s get on with the Author Spotlight!

About the Author:

Ms. Sandie Jae is a catalyst entrepreneur who sings, writes, acts, mentors Youth and so much more! Her fist self-published work entitled “My Mama Always Told Me” Reflections of childhood trauma and triumph was created to be a conversation starter amongst parents and their children on the topic of sexual misconduct. The ultimate goal is to get this body of work in High schools all over the country to combat the topic of sexual trauma and inappropriate touching.

What and when started your love for writing?

Music is my very first love. As a little girl, I enjoyed singing. I started writing music in high school back in 2000. I became well versed in researching and discovering the many factors of writing music and then back in 2015 I started writing poetry and short stories. 

Of all of the book genres, what drew you to write about yours?

I created a youth mentorship program back in 2017. During this time, I worked with a lot of teen girls who had an array of behavioral concerns, history of abuse, and neglect. I decided to first write an empowering song to encourage the students and soon after wrote and produced a script and music for a high school musical. So, my focus of Juvenile non-fiction and fiction are my soft spot, but I can truly write about anything.

Do you prefer to read more plot-driven or character-driven stories and books? Which one do you write?

I love the character development of a story. The process of getting to know the characters and either like them or hate them you will remember them if you can relate, and the author did a good job of creatively describing who that character is. I mostly write about character-driven stories. 

My Mama Always Told Me Book Cover

What is the easiest part of the writing process for you and why?

Some of the pet peeves I have would be grammar, (sometimes) spelling, and trying to avoid run on sentences. 

What makes your book(s)/writing special?

 It is special because of three reasons. First, I use real-life situations in the environment where the incident took place.  Here most of the readers can identify with it, and this gives them some amount of affinity. Secondly,  the message of what God can do for us as  Christian women once we pray; His word has promises and principles that we can follow. Thirdly, it is my true story fictional.

So…what are you working on now?

Right now, I am working on an encouraging version of Diary of a Wimpy kid for black girls. Aside from that I am planning a book tour to include pop up shops in the local malls and event spaces where I will be able to perform some of the book’s poems and music!

Ms. Sandie has such a resilient spirit. I am honored to share her story with you and it to have a permiate home on the blog. If you want to get in contact or connect with her you can follow her on:

Thank you all for reading and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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