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About the Owner

Brenna Bailey-Davies is the owner and lead editor of Bookmarten Editorial, where she provides
copyediting and proofreading services for indie authors of fantasy and romance. She also works
with the editing team at Dot and Dash LLC as a copyeditor and sensitivity reader. She writes
queer contemporary romance novels under the pen name Brenna Bailey, and she is an avid
reader, a starry-eyed traveler, and a home baker. She lives in Calgary, Alberta, with her game-
loving spouse and their cuddly fur-baby.

Brenna Bailey-Davies
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About the Business

Bookmarten Editorial

At Bookmarten Editorial, I provide editing services for indie authors of fantasy and romance, with a focus on books with queer representation. I work with authors to revise and improve their novel regardless of their publishing goals. As an indie author myself, I know that the world of writing and publishing can be difficult to navigate, so I also offer consultations to help authors know where to go next.

I have three main values that I take with me into every project:

  1. Empowerment: Supporting and celebrating underrepresented voices.
  2. Connection: Building authentic relationships between the author and their editor.
  3. Meaning: Creating magic through words.

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Manuscript Evaluation
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First Chapter Assessment
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Editing Packages
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How did the company start?

Reading has always been an essential part of my life. When I went to university, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for my career, but I knew I wanted to work with books. In my fifth year of my BA in English, I discovered that editing was a viable career option—not only that, but editing fiction. I let the idea of editing simmer for a while, and I decided to jump in after I graduated. Building up my business took time, but now I get to work with so many fantastic authors!

Why Is Writing Or Reading Important?

Empowerment and queer representation are so important to me. Through my business, I want to help shape publishing into a more accepting and diverse space by working with queer authors and focusing on stories with queer representation. Bookmarten Editorial is a safe and inclusive company, and authors can work with me knowing I care deeply about justice and equity. Some people might think romance and fantasy books don’t have much to do with those things, but stories can truly change lives. Making someone smile or feel seen is a worthy cause.

What Is The Vision For Your Company?

My vision is for my company to continue to grow, giving me the opportunity to educate, engage and empower fiction and nonfiction authors on an international scale through workshops, more conference keynotes and festival appearances. I’m also working on my first nonfiction PR book that will outline why PR is powerful, how authors can make it work for them and how to develop and launch a successful campaign, step by step through each building block. I want to provide as many avenues as possible for authors to receive that education, and empowerment through personalized guidance, and support. It’s why I also have future plans for more workshops and a possible membership to come.

What Are Your Future Plans For The Business?

Bookmarten Editorial will continue supporting and empowering authors however possible. Hopefully, more queer authors will find me so I can help get their stories out into the world.

Thank you Bookmarten Editorial for supporting our membership program and business! You can learn more about this community partner through:

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