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Hey everyone how are you doing? I’m still busy as usual especially with writing book four of the Gods’ Scion series. I want to take sometime and talk about it with you guys.

30% Done with Writing Book Four!

drafting book four

Yup I’m slowly making my way through drafting book four. I couldn’t believe that I had already completed 30% of the book finished. Through writing it I kept most f my writing process the same, though I have made some changes.

For one I started using a Goal Tracker through Story Origin. Which I have been loving! I love that I get to visually see how well I’m doing. As well as keeping myself on track and motivated to put writing. That is something I struggle with, writing motivation. I love to write and always have something to write about, but to sit down and type or write it may become difficult.

Besides the goal tracker I’ve kept my process quite the same. I’m still using an outline and writing and rewriting my plot. Speaking of plot if you haven’t checked out my guest paneling on The Write Talk’s YouTube Channel. It is really insightful for those who want to learn more about writing and drafting a story or book’s plot. You can check it out here, down below:

Okay let me get back on track. Writing book four hasn’t been too hard, I just have many things going on at once. Still I’m making time for myself to rest and relax, because that’s just as important as getting work done.

Well that’s all I have for today. I wanted to keep you all updated on how my writing is going. I’m so glad I’m able to share this with you all. A lot of you have been so engaging and sweet as I go through this journey. And I can’t wait to get you guys more involved. Which I will be doing in the upcoming months, so be on the look out. Thanks for stopping by and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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