Descendants of Time and Death

Death to the crown.

Book Two

Dive Into The Darkness

Descendants of Time and Death is a gripping novel that takes the reader on a thrilling journey through time.

Descendants of Time and Death (Book Two)
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Descendants of Time and Death

It has been a year since the Reign of Ryton, the Demon King, came to an end. Leaving Rodrick to face the burden of the tyranny he left behind. Yet this time he is not alone. After foreseeing massive deaths on the horizon, Lady Death seeks out the twenty-year-old prince’s aid in stopping what seems like an unavoidable war. With the help of his older brother Rayden as his companion, the princess Arcelia, and Queen Riva for support, Rodrick agrees to take on the monumental task. But the Diar Brothers are in for a wild ride of intrigue and betrayal when they meet a tyrant and a terrorist both fighting for control of a country that had already suffered under their father’s reign. Secrets are revealed, promises broken, and trust is questioned. Rayden and Rodrick are going to have to race against time if they want to stop the war. Their journey will test every limit of their relationship and everything they’ve ever known.

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A story of family secrets and mysteries that may plague a country’s faith in an impending civil war.

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As Rodrick and company struggle to make sense of their situation, they discover that they are not alone in their travels and must work together to uncover the truth behind their shared fate. With dynamic characters and a unique plot, Descendants of Time and Death is a must-read for anyone who loves a good adventure.

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Why Winnifred Tataw Writes

Winnifred Tataw draws her ideas for writing fantasy books from a variety of sources. She takes inspiration from her own imagination, dreams, and experiences, as well as from classic works of fantasy literature, mythology, and folklore. She also draws from real-world events and cultures, and from her own research. She puts all these elements together to create unique stories with memorable characters and intriguing plots.

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