day on a journey to Lakeside Shopping Mall -Vol 1 book spotlight

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A day on a journey to Lakeside Shopping Mall -Vol 1 book cover by Sabìnah Adewole

Genre: Poetry

Price: £8.95

Book Blurb:

Volume 1
This book is about a day with my daughter in the shopping mall and Children were enjoying a day during the summer holidays after the first lockdown during the pandemic and we thought to showcase memories of my childhood and my daughters childhood through the children we saw in the mall.

Using The Alphabets to make the poems interesting while they learnt through the message in the poem.
This book exposes different elements of a Child’s journey and exposes different phases on their journey at the shopping mall.
Confidence Trust Bonding Family Choice identical Motherhood Love
Different grey areas we face in our lives as a family dad supporting a daughter in the bathroom
Dad making a feed in the food court
August 21- 24 October 2020

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About the Author:
About the Author:

Sabinah Adewole is a member of the Barking Foxes poetry group, the National Poetic library UK, a member of the Society of Authors UK ,the Haiku Society of America and the Christian independent Publishing Agency -CIPA. Some of her poems appear in the Stripes magazine,she won the International Poetry contest. She also featured in the Havering daily mail and in the Write on magazine. Her third Children’s book and her first Faith book is a best seller. A day on a journey to Lakeside shopping is her fourth children’s poetry.

Live. Love. Laugh.

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