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Unveiled truths. Lines drawn. A fight for magic.
“Calla Emery’s magic is linked to her soul, and is not reversible…”

After being thrown into a world of dragons, sorcery and royalty, Calla turned to magic to escape the late king’s wrath. Now, magic burns the tip of her tongue, ready to fulfill her deepest desires and ease her greatest pains. How will Calla handle being her homeland’s newest foe?

Deeply in love with the realm’s monarch and Dragoon vulnerable to its enemies, Calla must find the strength to face her inner demons and conquer them, or succumb to the fire within. Will she lose everything she’s ever wanted? “All hail Dragoon’s new king…” Mekai is a man who stands alone with no family or friends whom he can trust to guide him during his reign as the new monarch and commander of armies of Dragoon.

With his father’s death, his siblings missing and the war of magic raging on, how will the new king cope? New enemies and new allies will test him in what will be the fiercest war ever seen in the realms’ history. What’s in his heart may be what frees him or chains him to victory or defeat. Will Calla Emery’s magic be the answer, or the sand beneath his feet that will slowly devour him? Kingdoms may rise and fall, but will love conquer all? This is the finale of the Heavy is the Head duology.


Paperback 13.99 / eBook 4.99

Book Series / Number:

Book 2 in the Heavy is the Head duology


Adult Fantasy Romance

Book snippet:

“Calla had only been to one funeral in her life—when her grandfather had transitioned to the after-realm. She was a much younger girl then, and didn’t understand the way death weighs on the heart—that grief was a melancholic version of love. She now knew as she stared at the young king, his expression blank despite the brewing storm of emotions she knew lay beneath the surface.”

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Author Katrina N. Lewis
Author Katrina N. Lewis

Katrina N. Lewis is an independent, fantasy romance author who loves all things swoon-worthy and bad ass. Growing up loving fairytales and world history, Katrina always had a knack for storytelling. Swords and sorcery, morally gray characters, and extraordinary love (spice included!) are her THING, so if it’s your thing too, check out Katrina’s works and follow her on social media at linktr.ee/AuthorKNL.

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