By K. Danielle

In the middle of the night
Creeping their way up
I feel them
Awakened, I recognize the touch
His hands have found
A resting place
And any insecurity
Is soon replaced
My beauty is appreciated
Never hated
Never faded
Never envious of the features
on the covers of magazines
It does not matter
How my hair is styled
Or what I wear
When his hands are on my thighs
He has not a care
No early morning rising
To beat my face before he wakes
MAC and Maybelline are nice
But I’ve never been a Covergirl
Of any type
Don’t mistake my confidence
For vanity
Don’t mistake
My sometimes
Split second uncertainty
For envy
Has never been
in my vocabulary
That’s the beauty of love
From within
It’s not affected
By what’s on my skin
And every night
For no other reason
Than the fact that he finds me
Inside and out
In the middle of the night
His hands
Are on my thighs

About the Author:
About the Author:

K. Danielle, who writes poetry under the pen name JustasPoetic, is a poet, blogger, and children’s book author from Mississippi. She began her writing career with the publication of Pieces of My Reflection in 2015. It is a collection of poems that span ten years. Shortly after, she founded Peppermint Publishing and is diligently working on a series of books for young readers ages 4-9 about characters inspired by her children.

K. Danielle currently resides in Indianapolis, IN with her husband, Sherwin, and her three children, Kyndal, Saniya, and Tre’. In addition to writing, she also provides virtual bookkeeping services to small businesses and non-profit organizations. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, crafting, and writing. You can check out her latest publication, F*ck Cancer, a book about her battle with grief after the loss of her mom, on her website or Amazon.

You can also reach K. Danielle at:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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