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Hey everyone, how are you today? It’s freezing cold where I live right now, but I hope you guys have found a way to stay warm yourselves. I have through drinking lots of tea. Anyways, before I go on a 80 word long rant about why I don’t like th cold, let’s get into or blog topic for today; Why I love romance stories.

Well to answer the question shortly…

…it’s because they make me happy. I am a sucker for happy endings and romance just feels like that plays a big role in many story characters getting their happy endings. Even in my books have a romance subplot.

There is always a deeper meaning

I’m a lover of fantasy but not when it comes to my romance . When I mean the story I want the romance in the relationship between the characters involved to be realistic . I think that brings us greater sense of connection for both the story to the author and the story to the readers. Though I know sometimes we all want to have those fairy tale relationships or ending. I rather much have realism in my romance subplots and stories. Even if it’s a minor character’s relationship we’re dealing with I feel all relationships should have some sense of realism to them to make them more believable to me as a reader and me as a writer too.

It gives a motive

As we all know love is the greatest power of all. It’s even greater to the pen and paper of an author or writer. We’ve seen and we’ve read so many stories tales and fictions (and nonfictions )of how love plays such a big part in a character or persons motivations whether it be good or bad. I feel there’s always that greater sense if important to the character or their arc when romance is dabbled into their motives. I feel it’s more of a dynamic structure when a character is driven by love to do the things they do.

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I am a bit of a stickler when a characters only motivation is driven by their love for another or many in the romantic sense, but it’s only if that said relationship or feeling of love hasn’t been expressed a lot or describe their detailed enough in the story to make it believable. Like I said everything is about reality with me . If I don’t think the love or passion a character or person feels within their motives for doing what they do are believable then I feel the romance aspect far short.

I love to be a cheerleader

Okay now let me explain. I don’t mean I like being an actual cheerleader. I mean I love to be a cheerleader for a good and healthy relationship. Even though sometimes there are some romance stories are plots that aren’t the healthiest but I’m still rooting for, I always wish the characters a happy ending relationship wise. It’s always fun to have characters in pre-established or to be established relationships learning and growing with each other and bouncing off of each other’s dynamics. I think that’s the coolest thing to do as a writer is to do something as create a romantic relationship.

I feel there are so many ways to go about that and to express love for someone. The best part is that when I’m reading other authors works it’s so interesting how they are able to convey a romantic relationship between one or more people. Especially when there are multiple different romantic relationships. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of everything even for myself too. But like I said I’m always rooting for every character to find their true love or that one and only they can venture off into the sunset with.

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Why do you love romance stories? Let me know in the comments below! And as always:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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