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Genre: Fiction Romance

Price: $17.99

Book Series: A Thin Line Unravel Series

Book Number: 1

Book Blurb:

A Thin Line Between Love & Obsession is about Kendall Anderson who seems to have everything; a picture-perfect marriage that most people would envy! Kendall appears to be living “the life”, married to the top district attorney in the city of New Orleans, and living a fashionable lifestyle. But after the death of her child and having multiple miscarriages, Kendall begins experiencing depression and abandonment issues. Desperately seeking to regain control of her life, Kendall looks to fulfill her spiritual battles in all the wrong places. She believes getting back into the workforce and changing her lifestyle will end all of her problems. When she meets Scott, a successful businessman, the tables begin to turn. However, when reality kicks in, she finds it very difficult to distinguish between love and obsession during their relationship. Kendall continues battling delusions with the purpose of their encounter. Her life takes a mysterious turn for the worse. She refuses to lose anything else, and adapts the mindset “If I perish, I perish.”

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About the Author:
About the Author:

Erica T Sherrill is the author behind the “A Thin Line” Trilogy Series. She is a stylist, film producer, entrepreneur, and playwright. Her work as a playwright has become popular over the years with her production performing at Colleges and theatre stages. She’s the rock star mother of two young children and COO of Gemlight Publishing LLC. Erica wrote over twenty pieces in the combination of stage plays, screenplays, children fiction, and novels. She has no plans to stop writing and hard at work on her book and film releases.

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