Hey everyone! Welcome to our first and only Amour Books Built By Us project. This is also the first BBU of 2021! This one won’t be a video recorded tutorial, since I’m back in college I didn’t really have a (quite) place to record. I didn’t bring Well, let’s get on with the DIY project!

Valentine's Day; Vases;  Supply list

Step 1: Mix your glue paste

You can use different glue colors or glitters to add an extra shine/polish to your vase

Step 2: Cut up paper

This is where you can be creative and cut different shapes and designs in your paper.

Step 3: Start pasting paper onto the vase

Paste at least 2-3 layers of paper onto your vase. This helps solidify your paper design onto your vase.

Step 4: Let vase dry

The drying time should be 2-4 hours, depending on how many layers of paper you paste and how much glue paste you use. You can always add more layers of paper onto your vase when it drys too.

Step 5: Cut foam and place flowers on to it

Built BY Us; Win's Books
You can cut your foam with scissors or a knife (be careful!)

Step 6: Place and flowers into the vase

Valentine's Day Vases; Built By Us on Win's Books

And you’re done!

My Valentine’s Vases:

Thank you all for stopping by today to check out this new project. I had lots of fun making them. Stay safe everyone and remember:

Live.Love. Laugh.

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