blue and red abstract painting

Hey guys! I have not uploaded any of my personal poems to my blog (I’ve mainly been uploading my mother’s) in a while. So I decided to do one today. Three cheers for a double post upload today!

You can check out today’s other post here.

I hope you like it. And remember live, love, and laugh.

Oh red love, Oh red hate.
Red pain, Red fate.
Roses bloom in rays of rainbows, in bright day,
With rain showers above flowers of May.
Robins sin in the color of grim.
Red feathers everywhere.
Spinning and floating above.
Oh red love, Oh red hate .
Red kindness, Red distaste.
No care, no love.
Romance drifts in the air,
Dancing with love and care.
In a tainted red dress covering despair.
Red tears spilling everywhere.
Oh red love, Oh red hate.
Red jewel, Red cruel.
Ruby kisses bring ruby faces.
Hearts beating bold.
Heat turning cold.
Jems dusting the scarlet floor.
Ripped and shredded by tainted vigor.
Oh red love, Oh red hate.

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