Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! I’m sorry I did not post last Friday. I have been extremely busy. But have no fear because I’ll be doing a double post today! Huzzah!

Anyway back to this post. This will be an life update post. Think of it as another brain dump.

So last week my college had come back from our “Hurrication” from Dorian. And everything was a mess. The factuality and students were all rushing to get things back together. It was as if we had started the school year over. Luckily for me I had been through this last year and was prepared.

I did not have much struggle adjusting to everything again. It’s just the week dragged on. It felt like Friday was light years away. On top of that, on Monday I had to rush to get back to college. My parents were out of town on Sunday and could not drop me off. Still most of my week went on without much trouble.

Thanks to my wonderful time management skills I was able to stay on top of all my work and have tons of free time on the weekend. Speaking of time management, I think I’ll be making a blog post about time management tips in the future.

Oh and I will be adding new blogs to my Class on Life Series so stay tuned.

Well that’s all I have for this post. Have a amazing Tuesday. And remember live, love, and laugh.

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