Hello everyone! Today we have another book spotlight. A book spotlight is an interview about an author’s current or soon-to-be-released book. It includes information about the book, its genre, where to buy it, and more. Now without further ado, let’s get to the Book Spotlight!  

Book Title:

Sloppy by Jasmine Farrell

Book Blurb:

“Repetitive and wishy washy, Roxanne is at a crossroad between choosing what’s right for her versus bending for her family’s comfort and her fears. Love, sexual identity and navigating the beginnings of adulting are the main themes in this late coming of age story.”

Sloppy Boo Cover

Book Genre:

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Fiction/ Romance/Coming Of Age/ LGBTQIA+

Book Price:

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Paperback: $16.99 Ebook $5.99

Book Buyer Link:

Sloppy by Jasmine Farrell Book Buyer Link

Smashwords – Sloppy – a book by Jasmine Farrell

Snippet from the book:

“Silk eventually spoke up, “So, Ms. Roxanne, what do you want out of life?”“Oh great. Here come the interview questions. What job am I applying for tonight?”

We both laughed.“Nah, but anyway, I want happiness, peace and a love that is solid, real, and honest. I want to sing for a living and inspire my listeners.

I want to be at peace with my choices…including the choices that have caused me heavy consequences. I want thunder to clutter my insides after I finish creating every song I write. I want to live with no regrets and to whisper my secrets to my partner at night.

I want to travel and laugh with my partner. I want a partner I can create with, and we can evolve as people together. I want prosperity so I can share it with my loved ones.

And no matter what I’m going through in life, I want to be able to summon joy from the pit of my belly. Because with joy, strength will follow.

And vice versa. Not happiness. But joy. I want laughter even during the painful times in life.”Silk was silent. She simply beamed.


About the Author:

Author Jasmine Farrell
Author Jasmine Farrell

Jasmine Farrell, from Brooklyn, NY is a freelance writer and author. With poetry being her first love, she has published three full-length poetry collections: My Quintessence (2014), Phoenixes Groomed as Genesis Doves (2016), Long Live Phoenixes (2018).  She released a poetry series that included three micro collections titled, The Release Series (2020). She recently published her debut novel, Sloppy (2022).

Thank you all for reading and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.


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