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Before I Say Goodbye book cover Before I Say Goodbye Genre: Romance Janette Valenzo
BGPS Volume 1 Official Cover - LaLa Leo Black Girl Poetry Scrapbook Vol.... Genre: Motivational, Self-help LaLa Leo
Boo! Can You See Us? Book One Boo! Can You See Us?... Genre: Paranormal, Romance Desy Smith
Child of Tempus Fantasy book Cover Child of Tempus Genre: Action & Adventure, Fantasy Winnifred Tataw
Dangling Gandhi Dangling Gandhi Genre: Historical Fiction Jayanthi Sankar
Dating me 2 (2) - Areatae McGhee DATING ME: THE WSIE THE... Genre: Memoir & Autobiography, Self-help AREATAE MCGHEE
Descendants of time and death book title and cover Descendants of Time and Death Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism Winnifred Tataw
Different Sides of the Same... Genre: Families & Relationships, History Chyrel J. Jackson
Dreamer Dreamer Genre: Fantasy, Horror MultiMind
Errant (Book 1 of the 12:01 Trilogy) Errant (Book 1 of the... Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction Montrez
Fredric Shernoff’s Atlantic Island Universe Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction LaLa Leo
Girls of Might and Magic Official Cover Girls of Might & Magic Genre: Dystopian, Fantasy LaLa Leo
Graced For It Graced For It Genre: Self-help Chantea Williams
In for a Penny: a coming-of-age contemporary romance In for a Penny Genre: Contemporary, Romance Caroline Frank