Vanilla, Caramel, chocolate.
Flavors all sweet in taste.
Each different from the other.
Each different in a shape.
Common flavors have their common difference.
Size, color, texture-
All different but all judged in the same way.
Too many flavors to list down.
Too many tastes to agree on one.
Too many for no reason.
Don’t mix the flavors,
We have enough as it is,
No need to change.
What is, is already is.
Enjoy the flavor you get.
If you don’t throw away and forget,
Try a new flavor and repeat.
Vanilla is pure and sweet.
Rich and creamy.
Cannot be beaten.
Valline is the best, when not a bean.
Chocolate is great as a cover or topping.
Chocolate can be sweet when it’s lighter.
Darker the chocolate the harder to intake.
More and more milk to give it a good taste.
But ever as sweet as vanilla,
Carmel a mix in the middle.
All people enjoy.
But how to call it.
There are so many flavors,
That you can never try all.
New blossom in every season,
There are so many flavors.
Waiting to be noticed and tried.
Vanilla, caramel, and chocolate don’t scratch the surface,
Not at all.

Winnie Tataw


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