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I will always have in my mind what you mean to me.

You are in my mind the whole day through.

It’s you who is behind everything I do daily.

Without you the time stops,

I have no reasons to breath.

It feels like I am dreaming when you say you love me,

It feels so wonderful inside me when you say it.

It’s you who give me everything I’m living for.

Without you is it only emptiness.

You give my life meaning.

I know I manage everything with you by my side.

I can climb the mountains, cross the seas.

Nothing seems difficult when you are with me.

Without you it’s no warmth in my heart.

And I have no force to go,

All the lonely days have passed away.

All the lonely days of longing for you for you,

Are forgotten and I have found peace in my life.

Without you my life is not complete you are my everything, my Love.

-Glory Tataw

Live. Love. Laugh.

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