By JRR Tokin

Clear as glass, on winter’s day, the sages and the wizards say; “from deep in there, it comes this way.”

Hatred filled and hunger driven. Our homes were crushed, our lives were riven, as it destroyed the world we live in.

The snow now stopped, the sky now clear. So bright the day we all must peer. We squint and struggle through our fear.

Our greed awoke this beast of frost. We thought us brave, but at what cost? All our hopes and dreams are lost.

About the Author:<br>
About the Author:

JRR Tokin is a fictitious character created by an author who was afraid to reveal his true name because cannabis (the book’s theme) was illegal in Canada when the story was written. The Author, Mark E. G. Dorey is a master sculptor, and one of Canada’s best indigenous artists. He grew up in a housing project where violence and crime were prevalent. It was cannabis and D&D that kept him from a life of crime. His story is ripe with monsters, graphic horror, and the worst things that can happen to anyone.

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