Hello everyone Happy New Year! Welcome to the first author spotlight of 2021! These spotlights are for showcasing author’s (predominantly women and people of color) writing talents and published works. So without further ado let’s get on with the Author Spotlight!

About the Author:

Eva Tremaine is the self-published author of six novels: Open: Love, Lust & Sexuations, the Unstable Trilogy, Seven Again: Coming Full Circle, and Betrayal Served Cold. Whether you are looking for an entanglement, a page turner that will have you on the edge of your seat or a feel-good sisterhood novel, Eva got you!

What and when started your love for writing?

My book club, Sugar & Spice Book Club started me on my path to writing.  We were having a short story contest and I wrote a short story entitled Unstable.  Many heard the story and encouraged me to turn it into a book.  That was 2011 and I never looked back.  As a child, I could barely read and struggled to speak properly.  I was labeled and told I would not go far.  I refused to accept any limitations placed on me by others.  I turned every doubt into a win and cut myself out of every box I was put in.  Today I write for all those little brown boys and girls, to show them your beginning does not dictate your end.  You can be and do whatever you set your mind to.

Of all of the book genres, what drew you to write about yours?

I write thrillers as well as women’s literature.  I thoroughly enjoy both and have written three novels for each genre.  I have always been drawn to “scary” movies and books, and even remember as a child watching movies I should not be watching.  The night would end with me in bed with the covers over my head to keep the boogie man out, only to turn around and do the same thing again another day.  I also love to write women’s literature because it’s about us, and I love being an African American Queen.

   What is your favorite part to write of a story?

I love to do character development.  I believe developing strong characters with depth is a key element of telling a good story.  You either love or hate a character, and if the reader doesn’t care either way, I haven’t done my job.

If you could meet your favorite author who would it be and why?

Pet Sematary: A Novel: King, Stephen: 9781501156700: Amazon.com: Books

I don’t necessarily have a favorite author, as I love so many different novels for different reasons.  But, if I had to pick just one, it would be Stephen King.  He started me on my path of reading horror/suspense novels.  I have read most of his books, but my favorite is Pet Sematary. I think I enjoy writing suspense novels as much as he does.

What makes your book(s) special?

I feel my writing is unique because I have a very, vivid imagination and I can go dark and twisted like a light switch – that makes for great writing for thrillers!

So…what are you working on now?

I just completed my sixth book Open: Love, Lust & Sexuations.  It is currently with my editor and I hope to have it available very soon.  You can pre-order @ evatremaine.com.  I have several other books in my head and have yet to decide which I will pen next.

Eva is an awesome author and person! If you want to get in contact or connect with Eva you can follow her on:

Thank you all for reading and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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