Hey everyone, how are you doing? Today we aren’t going to do a project today, since I’m starting and making my way back to college. So we’re going to dive into the wonderful beauties of DIY. Think of this as a learning and introduction blog about DIY. And why I love it so much!

Why DIY?

What I wouldn’t ask you why not?! DIY projects are such fun in an affordable way to decorate any space in your house, apartment, or place of living. You don’t have to use too many materials for a lot of these projects too (or a lot of money). It’s just fun and simple ways to really make any place yours a more personalized.

blue scissor near papers
photo by Charles Deluvio

Plus you get a little glee out of knowing that you’re the one who made your area unique to you. There are so many different DIY projects with steps in tutorials on Pinterest (or even on this blog ) that are simple and easy to follow and the results are always gorgeous!

Why do I love DIY?

pink petaled flower
photo by Diana Schröder-Bode

Oh, where do I begin?! I love DIY because there are so many things you can do. There are so many things you can make, create, and keep making and creating. Then when you do make something you can take it and remake it into something else! It can be so useful to take things around your house put them together and make something you didn’t have before.

It’s also so calming me. It is fun to make these projects and relax. The experience is the best part of being that focuses on creating art. And then the relief and accomplishment you feel after you’ve made it is a wonderful feeling. Especially when it turns out even better than you had imagined.

My other reason is that it’s a learning process. Sometimes you mess up. Sometimes you make mistakes. But you keep learning, and you get better and that’s my favorite part. You are always improving and learning more as you DIY.

why I diy win's books

I love that I started this series because I get to build not only with the things I have around my house but I get to create all of these beautiful things with you guys, my audience, and my followers. It’s so fun getting to interact with you guys and get your suggestions for future projects. To see your projects that you’ve created from the previous blogs on the site. It warms my heart and I thank you all for always for engaging and participating!

Why should everyone do DIY?

  • It is (can be) easy
  • It’s fun
  • Doing DIY can be relaxing
  • It can be very affordable 😉
  • You can personalize your spaces/rooms with your own work
  • You get to make things with me!

Past Built By Us Projects/Blogs

I hoped you guys enjoyed this short and sweet blog. Coming in October are going to be some fun spooky things for the blog! 😉 Let me know why you love DIY projects or the Built By Us series. Please stay safe everyone. And remember,

Live. Love. Laugh.

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