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3, 2, 1, Startup: Get Your Business Running Like a Pro

As you prepare to open your own business, you will likely experience a combination of excitement, nervousness, and overwhelm at the journey you’re about to embark upon. By establishing a business plan, obtaining a funding source, setting up a shop, and building a website, you have your work cut out for you. You can do this! It just requires a good amount of planning to pull it all together and create a cohesive brand.

Establishing Your Brand

Young entrepreneurs such as Winnifred Tataw of Win’s Books demonstrate the ways a business can diversify products, expand services and content, and appeal to the interests of consumers. Make sure your brand is authentic, from your website to your storefront and customer service methods. The more consistent you are, the more customers will trust you and return to your business for their needs. Getting help for your business is an important next step.

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Finding Workers and Tech Equipment

For your business to run efficiently, you will need help. Finding help can be more difficult than it may seem. Consider using an employment agency to build your team. Using an agency can save you time and energy. Hiring the right people can help you build your business successfully. 

The right equipment is also crucial as you get started. If you are on a budget, consider refurbished equipment for your startup. Laptops, printers, and scanners can be obtained at reasonable rates, and you can scale up as your cash flow improves. High-speed wifi is an important tool for your business, as well as software or cloud-based apps for inventory, payroll, and taxes. 

Getting Registered and Finding Office Space

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With all the hubbub of preparing your startup, don’t forget to register your business so that you are operating legally within your state. You can form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with relative ease, particularly if you hire a formation service. LLC structure offers you greater flexibility and tax advantages and protects your personal assets. Each state has its own regulations for LLC formation, so be sure to determine the requirements for your location. 

Establishing an office at home or in the community can be costly. Research rental choices or think about sharing space to cut costs. A home office is best for a web-based business as it uses existing utilities and saves rental fees. Regardless of location, set up a space that is suitable for virtual meetings and offer a variety of connectivity options.

Your startup can be a fun, successful enterprise when you take steps to prepare for opening day. For inspiration on branding, great DIY projects, and excellent reading, check out Win’s Books today.

About the Author
About the Author

Chelsea Lamb is a co-founder and head tech writer at Business Pop. She uses her tech background to provide insight and advice to those tackling the tech side of entrepreneurship.

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