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This is a guest post written by Elise Brooke for Win’s Books.

What compelled me to write?

Some of you may have read my books or know a little about what I have been through in life. I am sure you all have seen my posts on Facebook about “The New Zealand Dream” series.

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Maybe people wonder why?

Why did she write her life story for everyone to read and judge? Others may think, “I want to write my story too, but I don’t know how.” I’d like to share with you my why, why I write, why I shared my story, and how it has set me free, healed me and changed my life.

Along my path in life, I have met many people from all corners of the globe and different walks of life. I have met people who are hurting, people who are trapped in a place they do not want to be in, broken, and desperate people.

As I started to talk to people about my life, my challenges,and healing they told me that by sharing my story with them they realized they were not alone or the only one. This started their own healing journey and has even saved lives.

How would this make you feel to do the same?

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I am not well known or famous; I am an ordinary person. My story is unique, raw, and based on real events. I speak from my heart and do not candy coat. My writing and life may shock the faint-hearted as I am very candid in tone. I survived the odds and came through to now thrive, living my best life. Writing my stories was like diving into the dark abyss, turning on-the-spot light, grabbing my demons around the throat, and diminishing any power or hold they had over me once and for all.

What would that be worth to you?

To be free, healed from your hurts and strongholds, no longer living in fear. Everyone has a story to tell, writing your story can be very healing and rewarding. Even if you only ever write for yourself and do not publish.

Writing and sharing my story has given others hope and inspiration, and proof they are not alone. I have been able to turn what was meant to kill me into what has made me stronger. I have over 24 years of experience writing and a Creative Writing Diploma.

Can I become your writing mentor and help you write your story?

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About the Author:

My story from survival to thrive. My name is Elise Brooke, I grew up in Hawkes Bay NZ. My parents moved to NZ from England and South Africa, to create their New Zealand Dream, this quickly turned into my New Zealand nightmare. I have written and published two autobiographies in my book series “The New Zealand Dream,” by Sheila my pen name, I wrote these book to inspire and give hope to others. Writing is a very powerful healing tool, sharing your story can help others and help yourself on your healing journey. I am a writing mentor who can help people write their own story or with any writing project they are creating. My passion is creative writing, I’ve been writing for 24 years in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and content. I have published many articles and guest posted on various sites. I conduct interviews on my website I built from scratch to help promote my fellow writers and host guest writers to collaborate with other writers. One can buy my book here on Amazon.

A brief about my books: “The New Zealand Dream” is a story and account of my life so far. You take a journey from birth, growing up in a beautiful country town. Moving to the suburbs, discovering New Zealand’s underground in book one “The seeds are sown.” Life has been a struggle and a uphillclimb, I was born with learning difficulties that caused me challenges every day. My mother, who single-handedly raised my brother, and I suffered from mental health problems. I dived into the drug and alcohol scene at a young age, growing up surrounded by violence and gangs.

I escaped a religious occult, got married and had children. In book two “Growth and destruction,” before I hit the age of thirty, I am a divorced single mother. My support network passed away, and I sank into the world of abuse. I stayed trapped in an abusive relationship for over eight years until one night he nearly killed me and I escaped. You will meet characters you may relate to and characters that will shock you. I will lead you into the world that surrounded me and nearly killed me. In book three I will show you how I changed my world, escaped the traps, leading me here to tell my story.

My website is One can follow me on Insta, Facebook , or join us in the Facebook group “A journey of transformation.”

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Live. Love. Laugh.

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