IN THE RING WITH LIFE: taking the punches and winning the game!

Hello everyone! Today we have another book spotlight. A book spotlight is an interview done about an author’s current or soon-to-be-released book. It includes information about the book, its genre, where to buy it, and more. Now without further ado, let’s get to the Book Spotlight!  

Book Title:
IN THE RING WITH LIFE: taking the punches and winning the game!

IN THE RING WITH LIFE: taking the punches and winning the game!

Book Blurb:

Shashikala (Shashi) believes that each of us is playing a game with life. She says, “We are all IN THE RING WITH LIFE, taking the punches and fighting our own little battles. Sometimes we play our moves phenomenally. Other times, we get punched, kicked, and knocked down. With every life experience, we learn new lessons and become better, wiser, and stronger. Life is all about taking the punches, learning our lessons, standing up again, and playing our best game!”

We always love to talk about the good in our lives — our promotions, our lavish Sunday brunches, our new this, our spectacular that. On the other hand, we rarely wear our pain on our sleeves — success must look effortless, we convince ourselves. In this book, Shashi candidly presents her experiences climbing the corporate ladder in Singapore’s male-dominated construction industry, her sudden retrenchment during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with more personal struggles — her miscarriage and difficult pregnancy. She lays bare her wounds, hoping this gesture of hers will give strength to someone somewhere, who has been knocked down hard by life, to stand up again and face life head-on!
Another sob story?

Before you roll your eyes, Shashi is eager to clarify, “This is not a sad story. Nothing about me is sad. I am a fighter. Not only do I make lemonade from the lemons, but I also crush the whole damn lemon skin and make a face mask out of it! This book is not just about what can go wrong in life. In the ring with life, we don’t have to stay down.

Sometimes, we play our moves ingeniously and achieve the impossible. All it takes is a little belief in ourselves and investment in our abilities.”
Shashi shares her secret to good health, happiness, and peace by highlighting the importance of setting goals, continuous learning, parenting & adoption, and the need to ‘live for a cause’. She believes that crafting a life that we desire is solely in our hands.

Shashi believes that this book will appeal to the following people:
 People who got retrenched during the COVID-19 pandemic and are determined to bounce back.
* People who want to achieve their goals and live a balanced life.
* People who have lived a life of “CAN’Ts” and have always been told that they can’t do something or be someone.
* People who feel they are too old to get that degree.
* Women leaders who are eager to make a mark in a man’s world.
* People who want to be best friends with their children. Shashi draws upon her tight-knit relationship with her daughter and shares some practical parenting tips, which have gained the approval of her now grown-up daughter.
* People who are interested in being adoptive parents. A beautiful true story of an Indian couple who adopted a physically challenged Ethiopian girl is shared.
* People who have achieved a lot of financial and material success, but still feel empty inside.
* People who want to do good, but don’t know where to start.
* People who are on the search for meaning in life.

Shashi covers diverse topics in this book. She says, “It’s like a variety of shots instead of a jug of beer.” She promises the most pleasant hangover of your life.

Shashi describes her book as a casual coffee chat with her. With her informal tone and occasional winks (wink wink), she brings forth her views in a light and humorous way. What are you waiting for? Grab a coffee and read on!

Book Genre:

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The book has won “Emerging Author of the Year Award” and has garnered good reviews of 4.91/5 on goodreads –

Snippet from the book:

Ch. 2- Get That Goal
Focus on your passions and identify your goals. Along your journey, many “can’ts” will be thrown at you. Do not give anyone the power to decide what you can and can’t do. Your goals are yours. That’s why the only person who has any say in them is you and you alone!
Decide what you want and just go get that goal!

Ch. 4 – Mom Goes For Gold
In our life journey, sometimes we know what we want, and we chase it. If we are fortunate, we end up where we wanted to be. Sometimes, however, we make mistakes and end up in places where we are not comfortable. There is absolutely no reason to be stuck there for life. It is okay to change our minds, trajectories, and goals. It is okay to take U-turns. It’s our life anyway! The biggest ammunition in our hands that aids any and all changes is education. Give yourself the education that will get you from where you are to where you want to be. It is the best investment you will ever make.
If you are like me, and you get a kick out of challenging yourself, go for gold. You can do it!

Ch. 6- Woman in a Man’s World
My message to all the women out there is simple. No mountain is beyond reach. No goal is impossible to achieve. If a man can do it, a woman can do it. If a man cannot do it, a woman can still do it.
Go girl! Make your mark!

Ch.7- From an SVP to a Nobody- the Covid-19 saga
We all have the strength to handle anything life throws at us. Not only can we survive, but we can also thrive! Life has always played with us, making us dance to its varied tunes like puppets. It has punched us hard, knocked us down, thrown nasty surprises at us, taken away our loved ones, denied us what we badly desire, and smashed our dreams. But, look at us! We fell, we complained, we cried, but we wiped our tears and got up. We dusted ourselves and stood tall. Think about your life and everything you have handled till now. Haven’t you survived too? Pat yourself on the back for coming this far. Regardless of what life bombards us with, we will stand tall again and again and again!

Ch.8- Living for a Cause
Our time on this planet is limited; we are all born with an expiry date. Doesn’t it make sense, then, to use this brief window of existence, meaningfully? To leave a mark? We pay to live in our homes and for our belongings, but what do we pay to consume oxygen and occupy space on Earth? Shouldn’t we give back to the planet and its occupants in some form?


About the Author:

Shashikala Shanmugasundaram
Shashikala Shanmugasundaram

Shashikala (Shashi) is an experienced architect and a seasoned project manager who has made a mark as a woman leader in Singapore’s male-dominated construction industry. She holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in project management. With decades of experience under her belt, she has led many iconic developments in Singapore to successful completion. She is passionate about her work and loves to motivate and inspire teams.

Thank you all for reading and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.


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