Hello everyone! Welcome to another author spotlight! These will be posts where I discuss and showcase, predominantly women and people of color, their writing talents and published works. So without further ado let’s get on with the Author Spotlight!

Meet the Author!

Auhtor Martia Mitchell Harris

Martia Mitchell Harris recently debuted her first poetry book, When She Found Her Crown. Her poetry has been described as profound and timeless. She graduated from Tennessee State and Southern New Hampshire University and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with her 2 children.

What and when started your love for writing?

I’ve always had a vivid imagination and stories in my head. I started putting my thoughts down on paper when I was going through a rough patch in my marriage. Writing became my therapy.

Of all of the book genres, what drew you to write about yours?

When I began putting my emotions down on paper, it naturally flowed as poetry.

If you could meet your favorite author who would it be and why?

There are a lot of authors I admire and would love to meet. I can’t pick just one!

What makes your book(s) special?

When She Found Her Crown

My books speaks of the raw emotions that many people few but are afraid to talk about; that’s what makes it special.

How has being a person of color impacted your writing?

My writing gives the point of view not only of a black woman but also a mother of the challenges and fears that we face in today’s society. 

So…what are you working on now?

I am currently working on a second book of poems 

It was great interviewing another poet. She has such a hardworking spirit and I can’t wait to see where her writing journey, and publishing company, takes her! If you want to get in contact or connect with Martia through:

Thank you all for reading and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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