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Greg and the Jill of All Trades

Book Description:

***What is she concealing?***

Dr. Greg Kaczmarek literally stumbles upon the beautiful and enigmatic art student Jill Boudreaux. Drawn to her verve and ambition, he vies for her affection. But he’s nervous about their fifteen-year age gap and the secrets she’s harboring. Jill believes there’s a reason they’ve met.

The two of them probe the possibilities. Read and enjoy this mature romance short story PREQUEL to “Twitter Crush.” Also available on Kindle Vella.

“All 10 episodes were a real page turner! It was hard to stop reading.”

“Uber romantic tension! The writing is natural and believable.”

“The real-life feel to the story hooked me.” Get “Greg and the Jill of All Trades” in eBook and paperback for a quick, captivating read.


Romance, Contemporary Romance, Gen X romance, Doctor romance


$2.99 eBook, $6.99 paperback, FREE on KU!

Book Series / Number:

Prequel to Twitter Crush

Book snippet:

Dr. Greg Kaczmarek stumbled and caught himself after almost tripping over a young woman sitting cross-legged on the floor. “Excuse me,” he muttered, half annoyed and half embarrassed. “I didn’t see you there.” The near mishap interrupted his leisurely Sunday stroll through the Carnegie Museum of Art.

His kids were at their mother’s for the week, so he took the opportunity to take in some culture at his own tempo. He glanced at the vellum sketch pad stretched across the young woman’s thighs and knees. On the paper, she had outlined an accurate representation of the main figures in the painting across from her – a standing girl, a seated girl, and the gigantically proportioned bouquet of flowers between them. His eyes moved from the paper to the elegant artist.

Slender fingers held charcoal pencils with a delicate pinch. She wore ripped jeans and a suede jacket that draped her slight build. Her youthful skin looked smooth and rich, like a swirl of an expensive light-tan paint. A bright, printed headband held back a poof of ash-brown frizz. Her fragrance of lilac and vanilla teased Greg’s nose. With the telltale backpack next to her, Greg guessed she studied art, but she appeared to be more sophisticated than the average undergrad.

Even seated, she carried herself with poise and presence, like a grad student or young professor in her late 20s or early 30s, somewhere on the cusp between young adult and adult. She looked up and chirped her friendly warning. “Look out for artists below. They’ll be where you least expect them.” She shifted her feminine hips, and her pink lip gloss glistened as she smiled.

Greg’s fluster from his near spill faded. He tipped his head. “That’s very beautiful.”

“Thank you.” The woman continued to sketch.

“Flowers are my thing.” Greg nodded in acknowledgement, but she kept on with her work. He gave a fleeting glance to the painting on the wall and then to her sketch pad again. In his mind, he deemed it an excellent rendering before moving on through the gallery.

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“Greg and the Jill of All Trades” is the short story prequel to “Twitter Crush,” which will be available on Kindle and KU on 2.1.23! You’ll see Greg again in this story of new starts and all the Gen X feels.

About the Author:

Author Em S. A'cor
Author Em S. A’cor

Romance author Em S. A’cor explores the unique challenges, issues, and humor of finding love and satisfaction as a doctor in midlife. Against a medical backdrop, she brings all the Gen X feels. When she’s not writing tension-filled romance, she’s checking your reflexes and looking so deep into your eyes, she can see your optic nerve. Her sexy secret: the spice is in the seduction.

Live. Love. Laugh.

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