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Poster Girls

Book Description:

After an unwanted southern migration, an upside-down world in 1943 offers military wife and mother, Maggie Slone, a job at Charlotte’s largest wartime employer–the massive and dangerous Shell Assembly Plant. Meanwhile, military wife and Alabama native, Kora Bell’s steadfast determination enables her to navigate the challenges she faces as a Black woman seeking employment under Jim Crow. 

A shared love of literature begins an unlikely friendship between Kora and Maggie, and the two work together to unify the plant’s workforce. Stringent rules are necessary when the air is charged with gunpowder and polite society, until Maggie and Kora must break them in order to support their families, end the war, and bring their husbands home. 

Told from two perspectives, Poster Girls is driven by the true but forgotten events and accomplishments of a diverse group of American women, both relevant and necessary to stop modern cycles of misunderstanding. 


$16.95 (softcover) and $29.95 (hardcover) and $4.99 (eBook) and the Poster Girls Audio Book is coming soon, in early 2023!


Women’s Historical Fiction

Book snippet:

From the end of the book when the “tree snaps back” and the billboard with Rosie the Riveter is replaced by a mop model, p.335 =

Since the plant had closed, Maggie tried to put a name to her sadness. There was a void that sometimes crept in underneath the joy about the war’s end. Her community was now gone, and she was alone with new goals to tackle. To find a new job. To face her fears about Charlie. She was right back where she started (when they moved from Boston to Charlotte), on her own with a unique set of circumstances the world wasn’t built to expect.

Maggie pulled her car door shut and rolled down the window.

Billie took a step closer to the car, reading Maggie’s mind. “She never just existed on that billboard, you know. It will be different for Daisy and Demi.”

“You’re right,” Maggie said.  “They can’t paper over everything we did.”

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About the Author:

Author Meredith Ritchie
Author Meredith Ritchie

Meredith Ritchie has made a career in business communications and wrote her first novel, Poster Girls, as a cure for acute empty nest syndrome. She lives in Charlotte with her husband and two cats, who encourage her potential to learn from our hidden past, especially forgotten triumphs that took place in my own backyard. She is currently writing her second historical fiction novel and a children’s book. 

Live. Love. Laugh.


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