The Sisterhood of Secrets Book cover Reveal

Hey, happy Monday! This is a very special blog post! You have been getting glimpses of information about book four in The Gods’ Scion series throughout April and May. And now, I am finally revealing the cover for The Sisterhood of Secrets Book here today! So Without further ado, here’s the book cover!

 The Sisterhood of Secrets ebook Cover
Isn’t beautiful?!?

Book Blurb:

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Author Winnifred Tataw explores kingdoms and worldbuilding in this fantasy novel full of secrets and twists in her latest book, The Sisterhood of Secrets.

The story follows Arcelia, her flawed family, and Prince Rodrick, as they tumble through the deserts and underground city of Siesa Arid. Everything has been off since she found out her mother could be a murderer with the whispers of lies and broken promises hanging over her head. She hopes that a visit to her twin cousins’ homeland of Siesa Arid may be the kind of family reconciliation she’s been hoping to have.Arcelia and Rodrick are troubled by threats from a criminal organization; they become overwhelmed with moral questions of right and wrong. All with the help and under the watchful eye of the Archangel and God of Life.


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