Hey you! Welcome to another Built By Us project! Today we are making candles. Making your candles can be as simple or complex as you would like it to be. Know what is being put in your candle. You were choosing your fragrances or can create your scent combinations. Candles were a fun and easy-to-do project. You can allow your creativity to run free, and I did so with my candles. Watch the video or follow the pictured steps below.

Learn how to make DIY candles with me!

Items need to make DIY candles

  • Candle wax: $6
  • Crayons: $2 (free if you have them at home)
  • Fragrance oil: $4 (free: you can also use essential oils)
  • candle with candle wick: $5 (free: if you use a mason jar from home)
  • Candle wick alone: $3 (for 6)

Total cost to make a candle (materials bought from Michael’s): $10-15

Step by Step Photo Instructions

how to make your own candle
These are all the supplies needed for candle making

1.Hot glue the candle wick to the bottom of jar, wait for 5 to 10 minute for it to cool

2. Heat the water in the double boiler and cut your wax into pieces

  • candle wax before it is melted
  • diy double boiler pot: make your own boiler pot at home

3.Place the wax and crayon into the pot when the water starts to boil

4. Let it melt. It takes about 5-8 minutes for the wax to complete melt.

DIY candles on Win's Books

5. Add in your fragrance oil and mix in.

6. Let the candles wax sit for 30 seconds then pour into your glass container, make sure your candlewick is secured in place.

7. Let the wax settle for 5 minutes and repeat steps 1-6, if desired.

8. Let your candle settle and cool for 4-6 hours! Use the pencil to keep the candle wick in place.

DIY candles on Win's Books; Let your candle settle and cool for 4-6 hours! Use the pencil to keep the candle wick in place.

9. After you may cut any excess candlewick string from the candle and light it!

All done!

My DIY candles

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