Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well! Since I’ve started writing, I’ve noticed there are not a lot of people of color who write fantasy novels and books. And there is an even a smaller percentage of Black fantasy authors. As my blog reach has been growing, I felt I can use my platform to support black business. So, I decided I would write posts showcasing some really amazing Black fantasy writers and authors! These are in no order from best to worst, I only want to highlight some really cool authors in the community. Enjoy!

1. Lala Leo

LaLa Leo has been writing since she was a small country girl growing up in southern Virginia. She has published her contribution to the Atlantic Island Universe by Fredric Shernoff (her debut publish in December 2019). Alongside writing the first book of her own spinoff trilogy for the Atlantic Island Universe that published on May 25, 2020, she is also creating her own magical universe in OsDio: Requiem Unrequited. You can find out more about her by visiting her WordPress or Facebook.

2. Tiffany Stephens

Tiffany Stephens is a Jersey native, who as a child had a wild imagination. Lucky for her, that imagination stayed and followed her into adulthood. She loves fantasy/action movies, romance novels and anime/manga movies. This love inspired her to create her own characters, which finally led her to write her book. Her specialty is fantasy storytelling with real life situations. You can find more about her on Facebook.

3. S.Ronquillo

S.Ronquillo writes and self publishes fantasy books. And have two books already under their belt! You can contact them on Facebook.

4. Jonny B. Mitchell

Jonny writes fantasy books, and has stared his first series! You can connect with him on his Facebook.

5. Patience Godwin

Patience’s first book is Daughters of the Eclipse! Which has a beautiful cover by the way. It has legends, mystery, love, and curses; all you need in a good fantasy book. I can’t wait to see where her writing journey takes her! You can connect with her on Facebook.

6. Barakah Smith

Another book with a beautiful cover! Barakah is a new author coming out with her new title: Stranger in a Familiar Place. She grew up in a family of 7 siblings and has lived in Iceland before settling in Georgia. You can learn more about her through her Facebook.

7. Denzel Jones

Denzel Jones has written his debut novel, Badn of Seven. It is the first novel in the dramatic four-part thriller series. Denzel Jonestackles themes such as social injustice/civil rights, insurgence, religion, and women empowerment! You can connect with him on Facebook.

8. Candice Lola

Candice writes horror fantasy, and her stories are a must read! She is based in New York City. She has stories in Midnight & Indigo, International Journal of Womyn, The Huffington Post, and Medium. Her writing and blogging is something to look forward to.You can follow her on her website listed above and Facebook.

9. Azaa’a Davis

Azaaa Davis is an author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels. Her background in social work helps her portray realistic characters in otherworldly–and sometimes terrifying–situations! You can connect with her through her blog (which is excellent by the way).

10. Z. Exie (Zorina Frey)

What a fitting way to end that list with a person who’s name starts with a Z! Z. Exie writes some amazing dark fantasy romance novels. And if the cover tells you anything (if you haven’t noticed I really love book covers) then you are in for a ride! You can connect with her through Facebook.

I hope you guys read around and find some books to read and buy! Stay safe out there you all! And remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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