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Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? I have some exciting news to share with you all. Viviana Escobar has a new book out. And I’m doing a post for her book release here on the blog! This spotlight is also for Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month; where I feature authors with Latinx and/or Hispanic backgrounds.

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Bending Our Reality book cover

Book Description:

BENDING OUR REALITY is an Authentic Guide To Mindfulness And Wellness Through Breathwork And Inspirational Concepts. Unleashing the infinite power within our breath holds the key to the genesis of all creation. This profound truth, known to every human yet often sought externally, awaits your discovery. Journey alongside Colombian-American author and wellness advisor Viviana Escobar as she recounts her transition from a life-altering accident to becoming a Breathwork Master.

Delve into the development of her innovative Mana Breathwork Universe as she treads the path of embracing her true essence. Can the simple act of breathing unlock a life filled with joy and self-realization? Could an intimate understanding of our body, mind, and heart be the key to shaping our reality?

Filled with inspiring poetry and complemented by practical daily exercises, this book equips you to tap into your inner power and enhance your physical and mental health significantly. By merging cutting-edge technology with timeless traditional wisdom, you can become the architect of your own life. This book serves as a pragmatic guide for anyone embarking on a journey toward health and happiness.



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An Authentic Guide To Mindfulness And Wellness Through Breathwork And Inspirational Concepts



Snippet from book:

An Authentic Guide To Mindfulness And Wellness Through Breathwork And Inspirational Concepts

A GROUNDBREAKING APPROACH TO WELLNESS AND PERSONAL GROWTH Discover the first book by a Colombian-American author that seamlessly blends perspectives on wellness, offering a unique and innovative approach to self-improvement and personal growth.

-Viviana Escobar

About the Author:

Author Viviana Escobar

Viviana Escobar is a Colombian-American breath master, wellness advisor, and writer dedicated to exploring consciousness through mastering the breath. Her commitment to integral health after suffering a spine injury led her and her husband, Joaquin Astelarra, to develop “The Mana Breathwork Universe,” an innovative approach to healing that has been shared with students globally. Based in Los Angeles, she leads a wellness advisory firm that caters to Diplomats, Royal Families, Heads of State, Celebrities, and Athletes and is Chairperson of the Medical Tourism Alliance. Her first book, Bending Our Reality, offers readers a glimpse into her world and the transformative power of breath. It combines interactive practices to guide readers on their own paths observing concepts of consciousness, evolution, and global coherence. Viviana’s work has been praised for its lyrical prose and insightful exploration of the human condition.

Live. Love. Laugh.

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