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Morning everyone! How has your week been? I’ve been busy all week, but I’m happy to be back on the blog! In honor of Spooky Season, I wanted to shine some light on the more “spookier/paranormal” parts of my story. If you read the title then you know we are going to be talking about the spirits in the my stories! So without wasting any more time, let’s go dive in!

What do you mean by spirits?

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Well, I mean…ghosts! Well with the exception of Sentinels, which can just be spirits of nature/Earth. The ghost is one type of undead beings but only in the category of spirit. Many (ghost) after death don’t know how they died, or in some cases don’t know they are dead. There are 3 types of Spirits/Ghosts:

  • Wraiths
  • Sentinels
  • Vigors

Ghosts are very vulnerable to corruption by Vigors. Once a ghost finds out how they died, they can become Sentinels or stay ghost. The places they died are usually the worst places for humans, since they (the ghost) can possess them.

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Most Wraiths (ghost that don’t become Sentinels) are usually chill in their environments, not messing with others. Even with their scary appearance, many are gentle unless disturbed.

What’s a Vigor?

Vigors are corrupted spirits. They are spirits that died with wrong deaths. They have spirits that are not at rest. They then spread and corrupt wandering spirits of all kinds. Only the Aycole of Death can purify them 100% and send them to the afterlife.They are like a virus, and multiply very quickly if not contained or purified.

Reference photos:

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They can combine to become bigger monsters and if they get through to the real world plane. Some squeeze their way into the rw plane and latch onto people. Once they latch on to someone they twist the person’s demeanor and/or mind.

Subcategories of Sentinels

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Guardian Angels: they are here to protect, guard us from Vigors. As will as help guide and instruct  us through life.You can call  on your angel only happen if a person without an angel wishes for one or speaks the angels prayer.They are Sentinels who had the strongest bond with the person they watch over before they died. WIth this, a person can have more than one angel watching out for them. They are usually family or loved ones, but it is not uncommon for strangers to be guardian angels. They can also transform into a Fauna. 

Angel Prayer: 

“Your highest praise will be the vigors dismay.

No uncleansed spirit will pass me,

For your wings protect and guard me.

Thy in a world, different of mine,

Divine as you are, come and bless me:

My knight, my light, my angel,come save me!”

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Faunas: Faunas are one’s actual spirit animal or another form someone’s guardian angel may take. They are there to help guide you to the best life you can possibly have. In a way, they are a physical conscious for you. They will appear to you in times of need, helplessness, or when you are at your lowest point. When their eyes glow, It means; you’re about receive really good news. If they make a sound, you are about to receive really bad news. Only the person who has bonded with the Fauna can hear and see them. 

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Mystics: They are the physical spirits of nonperson and inanimate objects. Unlike the other to Sentinels, these beings can cross over the physical plane if the want to, and can be seen and heard by everyone. Most are calming or playful beings, but when disturbed, they can be very hostile. So if you actually see one, they are there for either three things:

  1. They have come to “play” or cause trouble 
  2. Give you a warning, for whatever reason
  3. Because they’re angry, (be cautious when they are this state, they are very powerful beings)

I was so excited to share this part of lore with you from my books. And don’t forget to preorder my third fantasy book in my Gods’ Scion series, The Lone Star Child.

Thank you all for reading and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.


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