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Book tours are a very rational way of connecting with the audience, and they are a convenient way of reaching the public with the content. is a promotion for a newly published book in which the author tours a region to do bookselling, present to the media, and meet the people who would read the book. 

It's A Midnight Sun Book Tour Announcement!!! – Stephenie Meyer


online book tours and why you should do them

Presentations on book tours are intended to entertain the audience, serve the needs of the institution that is hosting the presentation, and sell books in person. There are both virtual and in-person (traditional) tours. These tours let the audience get connected with the author and comprehend more about the intentions behind a creation as well as help the readers get to know the authors personally. 

Author Promotion vs. Book Promotion For New Authors

Book Tour vs. Book Marketing

Book marketing utilizes strategies to promote sales whereas the main purpose of a book tour is to make the authors the spokesperson and promote their fame. Whereas marketing focuses on making sure the book is highlighted at various bookstores and conferences, a book tour promotes the author, arranging events with booksellers, librarians, and event coordinators at literary festivals, conferences, universities, and other venues.

What constitutes a book tour?

It is not necessary that we need a larger audience to do a book tour. A book tour can be done even on a small scale with fewer people around. The target is to spread the word about the author and the book. Depending on an author’s strategy and goals, a tour may be shorter or longer. And it can be a virtual or an in-person live presentation.  In-person tours are conducted as events and online tours are conducted with different approaches. The virtual tours are done in the following ways :

  • Guest blog posts.
  • Articles.
  • Interviews.
  • Emails.
  • Radio and podcast appearances.
  • YouTube videos.
  • Book giveaways.
  • Social media contests.
  • Webinars.
  • Book excerpts.
  • Live chats in both video and text format (e.g., Facebook Live, Google Hangouts, Facebook Events, Twitter Chats, etc.)

Online or virtual tours have more advantages than offline occasions.

  • The travel cost gets reduced. The audience number increases for the same reason.
  • The authors can accommodate more visits when it is virtual.
  • There are many platforms to choose from.
  • The author gets instant and honest reviews which cannot be obtained during offline participation easily. 
  • The links to buy the book are shared and are available instantaneously. 

Advantages of Book Tours

  • The content of the book gives their audiences a chance to sample the work and share it with others, thereby amplifying the author’s exposure.
  • Increases the sales.
  • Besides growing their online fan base, virtual tours can help grow the author’s blog and email subscriber list as new people discover the website.
  • The exposure they receive can lead to speaking invitations, additional guest post requests and interviews, and even media opportunities.

The announcement of the birth of the baby (the book), and in that series, book tours are special events that celebrate your baby with various audiences, for example, you celebrate your baby’s birthday in their school or in their park which is very important, granting a big privilege to the life of the author’s baby ( The book !). When the opportunities exist it’s time to project self and talents because the show must go on! 

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