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Book Cat's Whisker

Book Blurb:

Cat’s Whisker chronicles the life of Samuel Baron, an engineer, inventor, and successful entrepreneur. Trained as a scientist, Baron nonetheless nurtures a lifelong fascination with mysticism and spirituality. His life is a search—ultimately a successful one—for a view of the cosmos where science and spirituality don’t just peacefully coexist—but where the two are intimately bound up as co-equal aspects of an integrated and inspiring reality.

Genre: Literary Fiction

Price: $7.99

Snippet from book:

gray newton s cradle in close up photogaphy

“I felt boundless love for every creature on the earth—humans and animals without differentiation. It was more than love. I had become a part of them, a tiny part, a cog in a massive network of amorphous consciousness shared by each of them.”

About the Author:
About the Author:

Robert Steven Goldstein retired from his job as a healthcare information executive at age fifty-six and has been writing novels ever since. His first novel, The Swami Deheftner, about problems that ensue when ancient magic and mysticism manifest in the twenty-first century, has developed a small cult following in India. Enemy Queen, a sexual comedy of manners, was published in 2020.

His most recent novel is Cat’s Whisker, about the perceived rift between science and spirituality-an excerpt from Cat’s Whisker, entitled An Old Dog, was featured in the fall 2018 edition of Leaping Clear, a literary journal. Robert lives in San Francisco with Sandy, his wife of thirty-three years, and Cali, a fearless, lovable Akita/cattle dog. Robert has practiced yoga, meditation, and vegetarianism for over fifty years.

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