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Hello, and welcome to another Book Spotlight! Book Spotlights are for any genre author to promote one (or soon-to-be) published book. So without further ado, let’s get on with the spotlight!

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Book Description:

It starts when the bees die and a plague sweeps across the Earth. The immune survive only to face a greater horror: a demon-ruled world where mankind is either marked or possessed.

But Leah survives. For three years, she lives on her own after fleeing the fall of her city until she meets Raum, a demon who keeps her alive and unmarked. Uncertain of his motives, she follows him to Babel, even though she knows his intentions are anything but good.

When Leah is stolen from Raum, she discovers the outside world is not what it once was, and perhaps hope for mankind is not lost. But with new hope comes consequences, and she’ll have to face a nightmare far greater than anything she’s ever faced before.


forest covered in white fog



forest covered in white fog

Dark Fantasy

Book Series:

forest covered in white fog

Revelation; Book one in the series

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About the Author:

Author Allison Paige

Allison Paige’s novels are inspired by her dreams and nightmares. Her stories shed light on villains and the darker side of what it takes to make a hero.

Allison Paige loves traveling with her camera, particularly in the Irish countryside, and has several ongoing projects that she writes out of her home in Charleston, South Carolina with her corgi. She fills her spare time working with animals of all types and is a fervent advocate of bee, ocean, and wildlife conservation. 

Live. Love. Laugh.


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