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The accomplishment of writing a book still has a long way to go if it is to be realized through some propaganda alone. Book marketing is a huge agenda that has a wider scope after the completion of writing. As a result, a larger work is required to reach the right spectators, and this work starts here. A literary agent connects an author with a publisher, and a book marketer ensures their writings reach the intended audience.  

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What goes into Book Marketing? 

A book marketing plan includes publicity and promotional marketing efforts, to help sell books and reach more readers. Book sales rely highly on marketing services such as journalism features, book tours, and promotion on social media platforms., etc. A few book marketing routines include:

Press Release

A publicist or a book marketer will start marketing the book, be it the first work, or the tenth work of an author, the pusher starts the process by first announcing the book through a press release. The press release informs the journalists to reveal the book which then comes to the limelight to grab public attention. A press release should include a compelling book description, the author bio, and testimonials from illustrious readers and thinkers who can lend some words to carol the book’s praise.

Book Cover

Although we are taught not to judge a book by its cover, a book marketer’s role is to make people get attracted to the book by its cover page at first glance. Hence an attractive cover page design is made ready and is pitched to the targeted audience which is considered a big and an important aspect of book marketing.

Incessant Advertising

  • After you have made all the subtle arrangements, a few more steps are left behind which are the most important activities in today’s digital world.
  • Plan to post newsletters about the book and its contents.
  • Identify the best social media platform-
  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads posts, Amazon ads, etc.
  • Research SEO techniques.
  • Post identifiable Hashtags and Keywords for the book to be visible appropriately.

Book Marketing Strategies 

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Any public launch involves a proper strategy that makes the efforts go smoothly and uninterrupted. Similarly, book marketing also follows the following strategies. 

  1. Pre-orders  – A book marketer makes promotional discounts and posts pre-order sales that invite customers gracefully.
  2. Launch events – Similar to press events,  a book launch event creates buzz about the book and also brings high-profile guests to promote the book.
  3. Book reviews – Book Marketers outreach bloggers and collect reviews and constantly post them that carry feedback which is a good marketing technique as people rely on criticisms to buy products. 
  4. Interviews – Conducting interviews is a huge support as people get to know the intentions behind the writings and get a clear understanding of the content. 
  5. Book Store tour –  Authors may also take their book on the road, touring around the shops that are likely to sell the book. These tour stops can turn into dynamic events, allowing readers and fans to meet the author, who may sign copies or engage in a Q&A session with the bookshop staff.

Book Marketing Cost

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Expenses depend on the scope and budget we allocate to advertise our book. It ranges from $50 to $8000 depending on the publicity approaches endeavored. It is one’s own decision to enquire thoroughly about the strategies and approaches required to take the book forward to the envisioned customers. 

Do we need Book Marketers?

New authors often find it difficult to determine their readership considering the vast number of genres accessible to readers. To bridge the gap between a book and its readers, an author must opt for book marketing strategies. It might sound weird, but all authors should consider themselves as a brand. Instead of only advertising their book, authors must increase their promotion to engage with their audience. Book marketing ensures readers are aware of the author, just as much as they know about the book. Although book marketing may seem a little expensive, it can bring your profitable returns in the future. Therefore, book marketing provides comprehensive services that allow new authors to increase their revenues and expand their readership. Moreover,  young authors must rely on book marketing services to get themselves recognized in the industry. 

Book marketing is just like announcing the baby’s arrival (The Book) considering our product as our child, after the obstetrician (Book editor) and midwife (Literary agent)  safely deliver it to the world. The announcement can be a self-establishment but taking help from event planners (Book Marketers ) reduces the burden and makes it easier as well as professional arrangement, with the budget and mode of propaganda, being absolutely under our control! 

Thanks for reading and remember:

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