Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? I know everyone has been (hopefully) self-distancing for the whole C-word virus. But I have some good news I wanted to share. This week I got my personal book copies! *YAY!* So I’ve been rereading my books as I’ve been staying home.

Now with the C-word happening and spreading in the US, I will be doing the rest of this college semester back at home. So I may be uploading blogs more than usual. Another thing is that I’ve been doing book photoshoots, as promotional pictures and advertisements. Stay tuned for those photos on my blog and social media.

My book blog tours have already begun too. I started a tour for each book, about a week apart. I’ll be posting about it in the future after it has finished. This is my first time doing any type of book blog touring, and so far it has been going great. My second book, Descendants of Time and Death, already has 5-star reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I was so happy and excited for what is to come.

Oh, and book three is already in the works, so expect blogs about it too. Well, that is all I have for this Friday. I hope everyone is staying healthy, safe, and protected. I love you all and have a great weekend. And remember, live, love, and laugh!

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