Hello Everyone! Today is the day! My second book Descendants of Time and Death is out now for sale on Amazon and Barnes&Noble (And in a few days on Draft2Digital–since their distribution takes some time)! Along with that my first book Child of Tempus has now been relaunched for paperback and eBook with a new cover (and some MAJOR grammatical edits). I am so excited to share these stories with you guys!

Thank you, everyone, for following my journey from releasing my first book to editing, drafting, critiquing my second book: it’s been a long process.

And trust me I have tons more to write about it. I’ve already started working on book three and a book four of The Gods’ Scion series, so it’s I hope tons of people get to read my stories. However, it may be, through an eBook or paperback copy, I hope people are able to share it with others. I dream that readers with share artwork, theories, stories or even communicate with me about what they love what they don’t like about the books. I’m open to everything! I’m simply happy to be able to put my work out for the world to read. I want to share my story with the world and to hear its opinions about it.

The last three weeks have been incredibly stressful for me. Me trying to get everything prepared for the books: trying to make sure all my distribution channels are accessible, the manuscripts and all the formatting, the prices; the list go on. On top of that, I’m still a college student. So I’m doing tests, quizzes, and studying. I’m also working, though part-time. I’ve been having a very hectic schedule for the last three weeks but still, I was able to conquer.

I need to say thank you to all the people who help these books becoming reality. Everyone from my beta book readers, to the editors, to my book cover designer. To my friends and family who have always been supportive of my writing career, thank you guys for all you’ve done. Thank you for all the support, love, and encouragement. Because without you guys these books would have not ever become a reality. I am now an author of two self-published books with two more under way that is accomplishment that few people have. I’m so glad that I can put that under my belt of achievements.

Again, I want to thank all the supporters, all my readers, and everyone who’s helped me. I hope everyone enjoys the 2nd book as much as I do. Because-oh my goodness it is a hot mess! It’s a lot more dramatic and a lot more–well you just must read the book to find out. Trust me you guys, it is in my opinion, a step up from Child of Tempus and how things are going book three is going to be even crazier (and let me not even get started on book four)!

I’ve linked down where you can buy the books through my book-buyer page on my blog. So, check that out. I’ve also added all the beautiful pictures of my two book covers.

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and people get to get my books! I can’t wait to get my copies!

 I love you guys and remember: Live, Laugh, and Love.


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