What Is Guest Posting?

Simply put, is when you, the guest, upload an original post to my blog’s audience. you have the ability to expand your reach and in front of new readers, and then I get to run new and diverse content with my viewers and readers. In fact, those fresh ideas are the biggest reason editors accept guest posts. More editors cited a contributor’s unique perspective and expertise as their reason for accepting guest content than any other reason.

Guidelines and Rules

For a submission to be accepted or reviewed you must follow these guidelines:

  1. The topic of the post (i.e. books, reading, writing)
  2. List or summary of key points the post would cover
  3. Disclosure of any conflicts of interest
  4. Nothing crude or inappropriate for younger readers
  5. Nothing simply promotional or advertising

What I will provide for the Guest Post:

  • Backlinks to your website/ blog
  • Two promotional posts on all my social medias
  • Links to your social media(s)

How will this work?

After we agreed to do a guest host, we will set a date for when the post will be posted. From then you will send me any links, photos, and social media you want to have added to the post. As well as a mini-author bio. Then you can send over a Word/Google doc of the post that will be uploaded. Or I can have you temporary (and restricted) access and edit to upload a post onto my blog.

When will you hear from me?

I will try to review all submissions within 1 business day. If I’m interested, you should hear from me within 3 business days.

Live. Love. Laugh.

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