The Living Maya Destiny Cards

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The Living Maya Destiny Cards

A Space Devoted Entirely To Content Created By Indigenous Artists, Writers, Professors, And Spiritual Guides. The Living Maya Destiny Cards were created by Maya spiritual guides and artists to share their culture with the world. The cards were created with respect for living Maya traditions. All proceeds will fund indigenous-led environmental initiatives in Guatemala.

The Maya tracked the movements of the moon, sun, and planets to develop one of the most accurate calendar systems in human history. In the Maya cosmovision, every day has a specific energy which provides guidance for daily life.

The Living Maya Destiny Cards help you understand how these energies affect your life. Based on the 20 energies of the sacred Maya Cholq’ij day-count (calendar), the cards provide a daily reflection on how to become a better person, community member, and steward of our planet.

The Guidebook The Living Maya Destiny Cards

The Guidebook

The illustrated guidebook includes:

  • Original poetry for each card  
  • Description of each card 
  • Bonus content on Maya History: Learn more about the ancient civilization that developed advanced architecture, mathematics, and astronomy – and how it lives on today.
CEPC Toliman


Our hope is that the cards will arrive to customers before the end of the year, just in time for holiday gifts. You will be charged at the time of placing a Pre-Order. If we’re unable to commence shipping within 3 months we’ll provide a full-refund at your request. We appreciate your patience!

Living Maya Cards


The first production of the Living Maya Deck will be printed in English. A Spanish version of the Illustrated Guidebook will be available as a PDF download on our website once the products are shipped (Nov/Dec 2022).

CEPC Toliman Workshop

CEPC runs monthly workshops to teach individuals how to start and run ecological family farms.

Participants include local farmers and families, primarily from Maya-Kaqchikel communities with extremely limited resources. CEPC’s work is based on a blend of principles from the Maya Cosmovision and Permaculture, which both stress the importance of working with natural systems. 

We’re devoted to community-driven environmental work.

CIELO is a non-profit organization that supports environmental and community health initiatives.

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