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This is a guest post written by Liberty for Win’s Books.

Hey everyone! This is a guest post written by Liberty and reposted on Win’s Books. It is a seasonal craft that everyone can enjoy for the coming fall season.

A little about the Candy Corn Craft Idea:

Candy corn craft

This Candy Corn Craft Idea is one of many ways that Liberty has decorated her Pine Cone Tree, in a quest to decorate it 100 different ways!  When her first idea didn’t work to use candy corn, she tried another way, and when that didn’t work she tried again.  The end result is a beautiful new way to craft with Candy Corn.  Go to Candy Corn for more pictures and details!

Check out my website B4 and Afters for more seaosnal craft like this one!

merry xmas text on wooden scrabble tiles Want to try 5 Christmas Project Ideas by Liberty?  Get them Here!

Want to try 5 Christmas Project Ideas by Liberty?  Get them Here!

About the Author:
About the Author:

Liberty blogs at B4 and Afters about frugal, practical, crafty project ideas for women who make things for their home or for others.  Everything has the potential to be a DIY project when she looks at it! Her home improvement projects always have a crafty twist to them. She can hardly make a recipe without altering it– even ones she’s never tried before!  Liberty believes that her Creator is honored when she imitates Him by also creating and crafting things.

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Live. Love. Laugh.

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