So this is where you can introduce a character for your and my readers, to learn about. All you have to do is fill out the form below. Read the regulations to make sure your character is eligible for an interview.

What are Character Interviews?

Character interviews on Win’s Books are used to introduce book characters to my viewers and readers. They can be for main characters, villians, story pets–any character in your book is able to have an interview conducted. These are used for authors to be creative with introducing their characters and books to me and my readers. You can use these “in order to develop characters that feel like real people to your readers, you’ll need to understand your characters from every angle.” You can read more about character development here.  

Character Interview Regulations

Interviews are for “kid-friendly” characters, (i.e. adult theme characters will have to be requested and verified by me through email)

You only have to fill out a minimum of 5 questions and no more than 7.

If you go past 7 answers, I’ll pick which ones I feel are the best answers. If you answer less than 5 questions. Your interview will not be accepted. You will be notified by email if this is to occur.

Keep the language clean, please! I understand that some characters may be potty mouths, but please reframe from having that language used in the interview. If I get an extremely vulgar request, I will discard it.

You can do three characters per book (for now). I will only post character interviews on Mondays. I will email you on which Monday your character interview will appear.

Character Interviews Include:

  • 5-7 interview questions
  • picture of the character (you can either provide me with one or give me a physical description)
  • 1 picture of the book cover
  • book and book blurb the character is from
  • 1-3 social media links/backlinks
  • 1 book buyer link

Interview example post click here.

Live. Love. Laugh.

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